Trout Fishing the Driftless Area: A Troutchaser's Guide to Minnesota, Wisconsin & Iowa Trout Streams

Bob Trevis (aka, the Troutchaser), has followed up his 2016 book with an updated and expanded guide to the trout-laden waters of the Driftless Area. Its unique geography provides trout fishing enthusiasts with some of the richest rivers and streams in the Midwest. This new book profiles over 300 different trout waters to help reduce the guesswork on where to find fish.

The first section of this book focuses on resources, and how and where to access trout waters legally in each state. The second section is for rookie (or rusty) fly anglers and includes suggested tactics & techniques to bring trout to net. The next sections cover each state's trout streams--including tie-ins to and printed DNR maps. The last section provides guidance to maximize stream time and ensure an angler's day on-stream is satisfying and productive.

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Trout Fishing Treasures of the Driftless Area