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What is the "Driftless" area?

The Driftless Area is a unique and precious geological environment in the United States where trout thrive. During the last Ice Age, glaciers across much of North America moved south, but shifted when they moved across what is now Trout Country. The glacial sheet missed 24,000+ square miles of land in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois--and as a result, created amazing waters for us to fish for trout!

What is different about this book compared to the one from 2016?

As we all know, over time, Mother Nature can alter a landscape--and streams, creeks and rivers are notorious for changing often. Also, roads change, easements expand/contract, and laws get updated. That was my first reason for writing an updated book in 2024. In addition, I wanted to share more about the Driftless Area beyond just Minnesota--so this book also includes the additions of Wisconsin and Iowa trout waters.

Where can I pick up a copy in-person if I need it now, or don't want to pay shipping?

First, you can monitor the banner at the very top of this website to learn about in-person events where I will be selling/signing. You can also follow my Instagram to learn about in-person events I'll be at. Lastly, I am selling my book at most fly shops in the Driftless states (as well as a few local bookstores). See Helpful Links listing shops in your area that should have a copy.

Do you accept personal checks?

I can't accept checks through this website, but if you have a reason you need to avoid electronic payment, please send me a message using Contact and I'll see what other options might work.

How can I get a signed or personalized copy? And does that cost extra?

Once you add the book to your cart, either click "View Cart" or go to the cart icon at the top right corner of the page.  There you will find "Order special instructions" where you can write in your request for a signed copy. Or if you have already placed the order (and missed this step), please send a request for a signed book using Contact within 24 hours of placing the order. I cannot guarantee your request will be caught after an order is placed, but I will do my best. Also, there is no extra cost for a personalized book. Lastly, if you want a book signed in person, monitor the banner at the very top of this website for upcoming events where I will be selling/signing. You can also follow my Instagram to learn about local selling/signing events.

What is the Media Mail & materials/handling that's added on to the order? And are there other shipping options besides the one listed?

To help you save money, I use the cheapest USPS shipping option available--Media Mail. I do not make anything on shipping. For example, if you order one book: The 2.5 lb. book has a Media Mail cost of $5.61 and the shipping carton costs $1.34 (which totals the $6.95 shipping fee). NOTE: An email will be sent upon shipment, but tracking will only be provided upon request.

If for any reason you want to discuss a faster shipping option, please send me a note through Contact before placing your order and I'll see what I can do. Also, if you want to order 4 or more books, please contact us and we can determine optimal shipping.

Is there an eBook option for this new book?

Currently, there is no option for an eBook. But it's something I have considered--if there is enough demand for digital in addition to analog. If you have interest in an eBook version, please use Contact to let me know.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final.  Returns and exchanges are at the discretion of the seller (Troutchaser's Guide) only.  Please see the Return Policy link at the bottom of this page for additional details.

I don't live in the United States of America. Can I still somehow get a book?

Although this website can only accept orders within the USA, I am open to finding options to get you a copy of my book. Please use Contact to drop me a note to discuss.

I thought Illinois was also part of the Driftless?

Correct, but there is not much to include in a guidebook. While Illinois is in the Driftless, its waters are generally too warm to sustain trout populations year-round, so trout anglers are limited to stocked waters. The Illinois DNR annually stocks over 150,000 catchable-size rainbow trout throughout the state. Illinois landowners generally own the stream bottom. If you find yourself in northwestern Illinois, the Apple River in Apple River Canyon State Park is one Driftless river worth visiting in the spring or fall. Check the Illinois DNR website for other opportunities and to review their regulations.